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    Carole Baskin Box of Fun

    Hey you cool cats and kittens, it is your chance to be your own Tiger Queen and take home this Carole Baskin Box of Fun today!  Whether you love the lady, or love to hate her, this is for you!!  Start out with our most animal inspired wine- "Tina Turtle"!  The caramel notes in this one wil have any kitty purring in the palm of your hand.  Next, put on a cuff bracelet approved by Carol herself- we promise that they did not touch any sardine oil or cologne (wink, wink.)` Now crack open the "Drinking Animals Coloring Book" and cheers your newfound friends and drinking companions!  If any need their drink opened, use your new panther or cheetah bottle opener!

    Note- your fur-ocious animal cuff bracelet and bottle opener will be chosen at random, from the options pictured in the package description photo.  We promise you will love it.  No exchanges or special requests- you get what you get and you don't get upset.  If you do, then just feed it to the aligators!

    Box includes: one 750ml crowler of "Tina Turtle" red wine, one "Drunk Animal Coloring Book" (with cocktail recipes), one animal print cuff bracelet, and either one cheetah or panther bottle opener.  Contents shipped in two separate packages.  Rarrr.

    Vintage 2018
    Varietal Composition 97% Merlot, 3% Malbec
    Appellation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 15.00%
    Wine Style Red Blend
    Volume 750 ml
    Addition Vanilla bean & candycap mushroom