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    All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

    Missing out on those girls nights, Mom's Night Out, or weekend shopping brunch?  Basically do you need an escuse to get dressed up pretty and have some fun?  Well here's a kit for you!  Our kit comes with a full wine bottle sized can of our delicous white "Unicorn Eyes 524", which tastes like white gummy bears in all the right ways.  Along with the wine comes a set of mismatched earrings from Yellow Owl Workshop. So fun!  Put those babies on, along with a cute outfit and some makeup and host a zoom cocktail hour with all your bff's who also got the same kit and everyone can color away with their "Wine Life Coloring Book!"  Done and done.

    Note- your fabulous Yellow Owl Workshop earrings will be chosen at random, from the selections pictured in the package description photo.  We promise you will love them.  No exchanges or special requests- you get what you get and you don't get upset.

    Each kit comes with: one 750ml crowler of "Unicorn Eyes 524" white wine, one pair of mismatched earrings from Yellow Owl Workshop, and one "Wine Life Coloring Book."  Contents shipped in two separate packages.

    Vintage 2019
    Varietal Composition 100% Chardonnay
    Appellation Los Carneros
    Designation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 14.50%
    Wine Style White
    Volume 750 ml