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    The Mad Scientist Kit

    Are you a creative intellectual stuck at home itching for some stimulation?  Well this kit is for you!  Get ready to give your mind and tastebuds a little exercise.  Warm up that big ol' brain of yours by trying a brain teaser or two, and then reward yourself with a big glass of Large Marge.  Why not use the astronaut opener, because we are all venturing out into uncharted territory right now.  If the mind-blowing flavor combinations you are experiencing in Large Marge inspire you, then flip through the "Infuse" recipe book and set a plan on creating some flavor infusions of your own.  Go forth and create!!

    Note- items will arrive in two separate packages.

    Kit includes: one 750ml crowler of Large Marge red wine, one "125 Best Brainteasers of All Time" book, one astronaut bottle opener, and one "Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water" book.

    Vintage 2017
    Varietal Composition 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
    Appellation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 15.50%
    Wine Style Red
    Volume 750 ml
    Additions Vanilla bean, nutmeg and allspice

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