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    Llama Llama Coronadrama

    Has cabin fever left you feeling like a little bit of a crazy llama lately?  If so, this is the kit for you!!  This fun loving party animal has never met a rose she doesn't like, and I bet you will feel the same way when you try our "You're So Pretty!" Rose.  The wine charms work great for making sure you don't confuse your brunch wine with your afternoon or evening glasses of wine!  And the llama keychain will be an excellent chance for you to find your car keys and dust them off!  Finally the animal coloring book can be an excellent replacement for Tinder dates- they both feature wild animals with drinks, but this way you do all the talking and get to stay in your pajamas!!

    Note- items will arrive in two separate packages.

    Kit includes: one 750ml crowler of "You're So Pretty!" rose wine, one llama key chain, one package of llama wine charms, and one "Drinking Animals Coloring Book."

    Vintage 2018
    Varietal Composition 100% Chardonnay
    Appellation Los Carneros
    Designation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 14.50%
    Wine Style Rosé
    Volume 750 ml
    Addition Freeze dried cherries

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