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    Due to the infamous and incredibly douchy COVID-19, our Tap Room is closed. Be back soon, hopefully!

    Love in the Time of COVID-19

    Running out of ways to burn calories when you are cooped up indoors?  Well why not turn to the old tried and true method- a good old-fashioned roll in the hay.  Our Love in the Time of Covid-19 Kit is the perfect way to get you in the mood.  First- you and your significant other can share a crowler of "Are You Joking?"  red wine, a fun, flirty wine with cacao and vanilla meant to loosen you up.  Maybe use your new lips notebook to leave each other a message around the house (save a reminder about dirty laundry for a later time, trust us).  Put on the open heart necklace as a symbol that you are open for this time of connection.  Finally its time to set the mood and break out the romance kit.  Included is everything you need: rose petals, tea light, and an incense candle.  Our work here is done.

    Package includes: one 750ml crowler of "Are You Joking?" Red Wine, one Estella Bartlett Open Heart gold-plated necklace, one open lips notebook, and one "Romance Kit" by Kikkerland.

    Vintage 50% 2018, 50% 2019
    Varietal Composition 50% Merlot, 50% Syrah
    Appellation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 16.00%
    Wine Style Red Blend
    Volume 750 ml
    Additions Vanilla beans & cacao nibs

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