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    Staff Pick

    Joe Exotic Pack

    It's time for you to take your obession with all things Tiger King one step further and invest in Erosion's Joe Exotic Pack!  Like a good method actor, this kit provides you with the tools to get into the mind and spirit of Joe Exotic.  First you must unlock the jungle juice per say.  Joe Exotic may have turned to meth, but we are providing you with the legal (and dentist approved) alternative, Boys Just Want to Have Fun!  I am pretty sure that is a pick up line Joe used on his husbands too.  Now as a zoo owner, you must pay homage to your big cats food source, so time to color in the "People of Walmart Coloring Book"! Time to break out your expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity and play with your buddy, but for a fun twist, choose which answer Joe Exotic would like best!  Feeling like a true Tiger King?  Well then it is time to crown thyself, and place the Tiger Bolo tie over your head.  

    Note- your Cards Against Humanity Expansion packs will be chosen at random, from the total offerings pictured in the package description photo.  We promise you will love it.  No exchanges or special requests- you get what you get and you don't get upset.  Well if you do get really upset, then I think Mr. Exotic knows someone for you to call to fix everything.  Wink, wink.

    Pack includes: one 750ml crowler of "Boys Just Want to Have Fun" red wine, one Tiger Bolo Tie, one Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack (Pride Pack, Weed Pack, or Save America Pack), and one "People of Walmart Coloring Book."

    Vintage 62% 2018, 38% 2017
    Varietal Composition 60% Merlot, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Malbec
    Appellation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 15.00%
    Wine Style Red Blend
    Volume 750 ml