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    Dog Dayz of Quarantine Kit

    This kit pays homage to the two things that have gotten us through these tough times- wine and dogs.  Man really has two best friends.  Whether you are wishing you have a perfect pooch to be by your side right now, or if your own hound has gotten completely OVER all this time with you at home and is hiding out from you, this kit is a chance to enjoy dogs the right way, without all the stink and hair all over your clothes!  Twist open the crowler of "Unicorn Eyes 524" and enjoy its white gummy flavor and maybe offer your pooch a little drink from your glass, he may need to take the edge off too?!?  Then crack open the "Dog Butts Coloring Book" and pretend you are at the dog park together, but this time you get to bring the wine!  And don't forget to grab and squeeze that squishy away when you are watching those news updates my friend!!  It truly is a pocket therapy dog!

    Note- your adorable dog squishy will be chosen at random, from the selections pictured in the package description photo.  We promise you will love it.  No exchanges or special requests- you get what you get and you don't get upset.

    Kit includes: one 750ml crowler of "Unicorn Eyes 524", one dog squishy, and one "Dog Butts Coloring Book."

    Vintage 2019
    Varietal Composition 100% Chardonnay
    Appellation Los Carneros
    Designation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 14.50%
    Wine Style White
    Volume 750 ml

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