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    Fur-get About It Kit

    Isn't now the perfect time to embrace our inner cat lady??  This delightful kit comes with a crowler of "Unicorn Eyes 480", which tastes like you are outside mowing the lawn chomping on a nice ripe papaya!  Once you pour yourself an Ina Garten size glass, put on the completely adorbs kitty themed jewelry by our friends over at Yellow Owl Workshop.  When its time to refill that glass, break into the "Cat Butts in Space" Coloring Book and try to find which one looks most like your precious fur baby.  And since everyone can use a little encouragement these days, why don't you pin that award ribbon on yourself and remind yourself that you are doing a few things right during this time.  Finally, play rock paper scissors with your kitty to determine who gets the squishy- it will be a tough choice!!!  

    Note- your feline themed jewlery and award ribbons from Yellow Owl Workshops will be chosen at random, from the total offerings  pictured in the package description photo.  We promise you will love it.  No exchanges or special requests- you get what you get and you don't get upset.

    Kit includes: one 750ml crowler of Unicorn Eyes 480, one feline squishy, one "Cat Butts In Space" coloring book, one cat award ribbon, and one piece of cat themed jewelry from Yellow Owl Workshop.

    Vintage 2019
    Varietal Composition 100% Chardonnay
    Appellation Los Carneros
    Designation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 14.50%
    Wine Style White
    Volume 750 ml

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